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Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Self-Publishing Difficulties

There are many things necessary to find people that desire to read your publication. This list often requires thought outside of your own personal perceptions.  Sharing just the few discovered by Ava D. Dohn and compatriots hopefully will ease you into sharing work that others want to read.

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The following points are ones that are progressive works:
  1. A story;
  2. Editing;
  3. Determining genre and purpose;
  4. Marketing for best distribution;
  5. Figuring out a book and market representational cover, and
  6. Writing the blurb.
Determining all of these points are part of providing the reader work that is acceptable and desirable.

A Story

The story itself will often determine who will even desire to read the book but defining that story in genre often limits the true readership. The purpose or genre effects the where and why of your marketing, the writing style of the author, the depth and the language used often determine who the reader becomes.  


Editing is necessary to share that the author is serious and desires a true audience of readers.
Language, thoughts, words are all under critique by readers.  A reader that enjoys sci-fi or romance loves to have the feelings flow from word to heart, but miswriting often interrupts that flow.  

Some of the novels I've started reading have wonderful stories, but when there are repeated mistakes in the wording and spelling my appreciation diminishes and the value I have for the words shared depreciates.
 For me personally having two to six mistakes of spelling in a book are kind of expected.  But having two to five mistakes per page causes me to put it down on the sixth or seventh page, no matter how good the story might be.

Determining Genre and Purpose

The purpose of the story may just mean to make money, it may be to educate the world, or it may be to express oneself.  But there is more to consider from the readers standpoint for genre.  What do readers in the different genres plan to find?  What topics in the story fit what the reader expects?  Are other genres more appropriate?  And will the author truly take to heart others desires when considering the genre?  

Marketing & Cover & Blurb

These questions are necessary considerations because marketing a book is like marketing dry consumables.  If the dry foods in a store are cereals they're in the breakfast food aisle, if it's flour and sugar it's in the baking goods aisle, if its crackers and chips the product is placed in the snack aisle.  The genre determines where in the consumers mind the product lives.

Beyond that is the cover, the cover shares the depth and theme of the book.  It also advertises the type of material for the reader, and it can help readers determine if the book is worth the work required to read it.  After the picture and style of the book cover is determined then the blurb is formulated.

There are blurb writers that work hard to market the material in a manner that intrigues readers without answering the mysteries of the book. If there isn't a blurb writer then the author should request comments from friends and family about the book and use those comments to formulate a blurb.  Because a blurb isn't a summary of the book, the blurb is written to intrigue the reader into opening up the book.

Reader's Desires vs. Writer's Difficulties

With a book being placed onto the market an author is tossing a needle into a field of hay.  So how do readers locate that needle?  One way is to share that there's gold to be found in that field.

Which we've already discussed with the story and editing, but as it's a readers search the field of fiction they need to understand the true gold to be found.

The readers have to desire that type of work necessary to get the gold.  The value of the gold will increase the desire to find it, but the ease of the work can also increase the desire to accumulate it.  So there are more things to be done that can increase the reader's capacity and desire to find the gold.

Attach threads to the needle, so that when it's tossed there are connections for locating it easier.  The larger the threads the easier to locate.  Provide links on twitter, facebook, readers sites, and the author's words with blogging.  But all readers still face the large amount of other needles with thread in the field.  For discovery patience and a lot of direction is then required.

The genre, the blurb, the cover add to some readers desire to read and maybe review the work of the author.  Also, some authors offer free reads, some authors advertise, some authors request reviews, some authors place books in locatable locations, and other authors just wait and see.  

For me selling and marketing involves interaction with the public online, and it requires providing what others may desire to see.  This requires a lot of exertion along with the expectation of future NOT present results from all of this work.  All writers should plan to keep writing, if they have plans to market taking the time to prepare for the difficulties should make the task easier in the long run.

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