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Friday, September 19, 2014

This AUTHOR'S WORDS tied to Thomas Bergersen's music by this blogger, do you agree with me?

Darla's actions in the following minuscule section (the reading is from Sisters of the Bloodwind, by Ava D Dohn pp. 374 - 393) and, this blogger thinks, it ties with great harmony to Thomas Bergersen's, public album Invincible, shared here, (music begins at 20 seconds after clicking the link). Please read, listen, and compare to see if your heart tells you the same thing. 

. . . During this silence, Euroaquilo took opportunity to advance a brewing question.  “My Dusme, many are the dreams we have shared since the Great War, yet never have I found revealed your adventures of this great and terrible battle.  Now you speak to me concerning your experiences regarding the Day or Tears in such an off-handed way so as to dismiss it.  Please share with me the moments of your glory during that conflict.  Why hide it from me any longer?”

Darla’s jaw stiffened and face soured.  At length, she relented.  “To you I will speak of this matter, but you must not tell another soul for its pain is too deep for my ears to hear it repeated.  Until the healing day, it must remain secret.”
Euroaquilo promised he would keep it so.

Soul Food For You

People are all desirous of comfort with life.  But beyond that comfort comes the desire to see and feel new experiences.  Sharing the words that inspire you often add to another's desire to experience and feel more.  As a reader what do you desire as food for inspiration and new experience?

Readers have many choices because a fiction book is like candy for US citizens. There is so much available that a person can take the time to choose which flavor fits their personal tastes best.  I love that freedom.

But, when fiction is based on a depth of fact, that could be true, it can often inspire more fulfillment from the enjoyment.  And depth based fiction can give a reader inspiration to develop their soul.  This difference between fiction without historical depth can be similarized to eating a sandwich for a meal versus eating a candy bar.

A reader is inspired with wisdom that causes thought and action while getting a desire fulfilled.

Examples of sandwich fiction include Tolkien's work which awakened people to look beyond earth as the only place for the fight of good versus evil, this inspiration altered the whole fiction world to a great degree.  Mark Twain intrigued readers by inspiring them to live outside of their state of understanding with the view of young life in the Mississippi world of his day.  Harriet Beecher Stowe enlivened the minds of the unenlightened and inspired their hearts to see the need for change.

Trademark Trouble with Pinterest or is it the Government?

As the picture Artist, except for the one on the link with Music, I have added a small trademark, or signature, to my pictures included for Ava D Dohn.  This work so far is mostly on the web postings being shared with the world.  It is "[t]he teddybear, in and of itself was originally trademarked by Theodore (Teddy) Roosevelt, the 26th president of the United States, is the person responsible for giving the teddy bear his name. . . The Washington Post ran a editorial cartoon created by the political cartoonist Clifford K. Berryman that illustrated the event. The cartoon was called "Drawing the Line in Mississippi" and depicted both state line dispute and the bear hunt."

My assumption is that the trademark I've added to pictures is in contention.  But so far there've  been no personal messages to me.


Our imaginations are in danger of being lost!  We have forgotten the key to opening our minds to dreams!  The children we were are gone without one word!  What's to be, what's to be!

Our imagination helps us to be free.  It opens up the world to you and me.  With an imagination the box doesn't shut.  With that tool the doors to moving the world come unstuck.

But how can we can what's been lost by the majority?  What is needed so that we can all find what TV's superseded?

For me it's the book that opens up the world and keeps me safe while being free.  The TV gives me sound and site of of another's mind, but with the book I draw the shape, make the design, determine the location and experience the emotion that the TV limits in my mind.  What about you, do you see the walls as strong and straight or do you see a way to bend and alter so that flexibility makes your world more flexible and less regulate?

A Thank You

Readers are tremendously welcome.  

Ava D Dohn appreciates any and all who love to read The Chronicles of Heaven's War epic.

We've received no comments, so we hope people are reading the free downloads, so sincerely thank you again for your efforts to read and you work, if you do so to share comments about your reading of Ava D Dohn's works with the world.

Because support of those who fight, have fought, and do love is what we all desire!

Loving all readers, supporters!

And desiring more to read!

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