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Friday, September 19, 2014

A Thank You

Readers are tremendously welcome.  

Ava D Dohn appreciates any and all who love to read The Chronicles of Heaven's War epic.

We've received no comments, so we hope people are reading the free downloads, so sincerely thank you again for your efforts to read and you work, if you do so to share comments about your reading of Ava D Dohn's works with the world.

Because support of those who fight, have fought, and do love is what we all desire!

Loving all readers, supporters!

And desiring more to read!

Enjoy posts at: 

Destiny's Road 1-0011-0021-0031-004, 1-0051-0061-0071-0081-009,

Of Councils Great and Small 2-0262-0272-0282-0292-0302-031,
2-0432-0442-0452-0462-0472-0482-049 & 2-050

Legend's Heroes 3-0513-0523-0533-0543-0553-0563-0573-058,
3-0703-0713-0723-0733-074 & 3-075

Forges of Hell 4-0764-0774-0784-0794-0804-0814-0824-0834-084,
4-0964-0974-0984-099 & 4-100

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