Pinterest Books & Legends by Ava D Dohn: 02/23/17

Thursday, February 23, 2017

A Defining Elevator Speech

Previously these words were shared by me with Marion Gropen about Ava D Dohn's works, of course based on my opinion, from my reading.  But with the releases of 
the author has developed a more consistent style.  As I'm reading book 2 now, and as ONLY the writer and editor have read any of the other books as far as we are aware, my opinions are still the only comments shared:

1. Is the language as beautiful and pristine as Tolkien's writing was?
     - The language is as beautiful as Tolkien's but it is more pristine when it comes to story sharing, but it is less pristine when it comes to the amount of stories, because there are more, and the perfection of language the words are more common, to some degree.  But the correctness is a little less, especially if you’re of editorial mind.

2. Is it poetic?
     - The poetry comes to life with the emotion of a few words.
Sisters of the Bloodwind p. 181-182: