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Thursday, February 23, 2017

A Defining Elevator Speech

Previously these words were shared by me with Marion Gropen about Ava D Dohn's works, of course based on my opinion, from my reading.  But with the releases of 
the author has developed a more consistent style.  As I'm reading book 2 now, and as ONLY the writer and editor have read any of the other books as far as we are aware, my opinions are still the only comments shared:

1. Is the language as beautiful and pristine as Tolkien's writing was?
     - The language is as beautiful as Tolkien's but it is more pristine when it comes to story sharing, but it is less pristine when it comes to the amount of stories, because there are more, and the perfection of language the words are more common, to some degree.  But the correctness is a little less, especially if you’re of editorial mind.

2. Is it poetic?
     - The poetry comes to life with the emotion of a few words.
Sisters of the Bloodwind p. 181-182:

Why, my dear one, do you cry,
at the things you cannot see or touch?
I swaddle you in my loving arms,
so no harm can you betide.

Do not dread what you do not know,
or hide from the darkened night.
I ever so much will care for you,
in my worlds of rich delights.

Listen, my child, to my heartbeat,
to the rhythm of love it shares with you.
Nuzzle closer to my breasts with milk so sweet,
and hear my heart's love for you.

This section of poetry came from skimming through pages and locating a poetically styled section.   But poetry is more than a poem it's the heart in the story.  When I read sections smiles, tears, sorrow, joy, excitement, anger, and love are felt.  Now I’m familiar with the tale, but will others feel the same?  It’s up to you to decide.

3. Or is the main benefit the emotional one of the plot?
    -There are over 4 sub plots easily seen in the first book, there are also many tales within tales within tales throughout, and the main plot is the battle to share the good and the evil and the results of freedom's choice.

4.  Are the characters incredibly sympathetic, and attractive?
   - I can feel sympathy for the characters, but it is actually easier to empathize with them.  Are the characters attractive, I think so, not only physically perfect but also I feel that some of those characters are not only my friends but also they’re people I want in my bed.  They are real, to me, I love them and that makes them attractive to people to me.

5. Why?
   -Why do I empathize with them, because I can relate to them and the reasons they act the way they do. 

6. Do they offer vicarious self-esteem boosts (Mary Sues, in the slang), or are they resourceful and supportive of each other (a different type of wish fulfillment, I suppose).
   - Sometimes there are reasons to feel self-esteem, from the differences you have based on who they are; sometimes what they do makes you wish to be there with them doing it.  Are they resourceful and supportive of each other, sometimes! But at other times they are argumentative and self vindicative.  And at other times they are real friends, people who are examples and people who help me learn by living life.

7. What do people get from it? (A defining elevator speech.)

I could give you many things.  But the one I am now using for an elevator speech is key for anyone.  "You are given a freakingly good reason to choose between freedom & control with love gained for God."  This book opens up to the human world The Chronicles of Heaven's War and the realities of that life.  

Why is this defining?  

Because it'll appeal to the specifically correct audience.

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