Pinterest Books & Legends by Ava D Dohn: 06/25/13

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

A Writer's Stories Inspired By . . .

It's amazing to read the words of another writer blogger that reveals, "The Big Secret" to writing.  What was so amazing about reading that post is how commendable Ava D. Dohn has been in following that advice without knowing it.

Historically Ava has been a reader for my whole life.  Reading was the inspirational tool for mind and thought, and in my early years the example of Ava by taking the time to read and self educate was wonderful.  The family of Ava has had a particular interest in books for the last 100 years.  When gas lamps were common in homes, the family was said to be, "burning the midnight oil" while reading by their neighbors.

Presently the library of Ava D. Dohn is not pretty and fancy but it is full of books.  Above and beyond this author's reading is the effect the stories told have on the listener or the reader.