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Friday, September 19, 2014

Soul Food For You

People are all desirous of comfort with life.  But beyond that comfort comes the desire to see and feel new experiences.  Sharing the words that inspire you often add to another's desire to experience and feel more.  As a reader what do you desire as food for inspiration and new experience?

Readers have many choices because a fiction book is like candy for US citizens. There is so much available that a person can take the time to choose which flavor fits their personal tastes best.  I love that freedom.

But, when fiction is based on a depth of fact, that could be true, it can often inspire more fulfillment from the enjoyment.  And depth based fiction can give a reader inspiration to develop their soul.  This difference between fiction without historical depth can be similarized to eating a sandwich for a meal versus eating a candy bar.

A reader is inspired with wisdom that causes thought and action while getting a desire fulfilled.

Examples of sandwich fiction include Tolkien's work which awakened people to look beyond earth as the only place for the fight of good versus evil, this inspiration altered the whole fiction world to a great degree.  Mark Twain intrigued readers by inspiring them to live outside of their state of understanding with the view of young life in the Mississippi world of his day.  Harriet Beecher Stowe enlivened the minds of the unenlightened and inspired their hearts to see the need for change.
There are many other authors who can take on the claim of inspiring peoples hearts and minds.  Charles Dickens, Louisa May Alcott, and Laura Ingalls Wilder are a couple of these fiction authors.  There are more that can be named, but when truly considering these authors one must think about the effect their writing has had on the life of the reader and society.  A reader can get basic satisfaction from a book more though is often found with inspiration.

Dickens opened up to the world of Europe and England the sorrows of London and the poor.  Wilder provided a glimpse into the west as it was by people that lived there.  Alcott's Little Women give present day people a view of the past.  But there is more truth in real history and depth based fiction often shares the real aspects of history with a twist of the story to fictionalized it for the protection of society and writers.  Why should we as a people care?

Because as eating a candy bar may be enjoyable for a snack, eating a sandwich will provide more food for the day and more value for the body.  A true meal could be compared to real history, but a fact based fiction book can be compared to a sandwich.  While the sweet chocolate may melt in the mouth within an hour more is necessary for the empty stomach.  So take the time to enjoy a sandwich, it'll be larger and take longer to digest.  But in the long run you'll feel more satisfaction.

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